This Patients’ Charter is informed by the need for patients in the Republic of Kenya to be aware oftheir rights and responsibilities.
lt defines and explains the patients’ rights, responsibilities and dispute resolution mechanisms.The rights outlined herein are anchored in the Constitution of Kenya 2010 and in particular Articles 1 9,20(5),2i (2),22(i ),26, 43(1 )(2),46,53{1)(c) and 70.

At the inception a meeting held at the Sarova Panafric Hotel in Nairobi under the stewardship of the Director of Medical Services, Dr. Francis Kimani, the following were created;

  • National Patierıts right charter Secretariat,
  • TechnicalWorking Group, and the
  • National Stakeholders forum
The Patients’ Rights Charter secretariat developed the draft zero ofthe Patients’ charter after collecting views from stakeholders and subsequently organizing a workshop for the Technical Working group in Naivasha.

The Technical Working group deliberated and developed draft i ofthe Patients’ Charter and made recommendations that were discussed and adopted at a National stakeholder’s forum held on 20th February 201 3 in Nairobi.

lt is our hope and desire that this document shall change the modus operandi in healthcare for the better of all the actors, but more importantly. that benefits and care should accruetothe patient.

Dr. Francis M. Kimani

Director of Medical Services


Download it here: National Patients Rights Charter


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