Pediatrics Clinic

Pediatrics Clinic

Ruai Family Hospital is committed to providing the very best in modern medicine to children of all ages. Our hospital is staffed with world-class paediatric health care professionals with state-of-the-art technologies at their disposal to ensure your child gets not just the best, but affordable healthcare as well.
Our 24-hour call centre is always standby to take care of your emergencies as well as providing the prerequisite medical information and fact-based guidance on any issue pertaining the needs of your child’s health at whichever time you may need it.
The health and well being of a child is a parent’s priority. At Ruai Family Hospital, we dedicate all our resources to provide your child with the best treatment plan in age-appropriate manner as a unique individual.

Come meet our paediatrics team who will offer your child with not just accurate, but excellent diagnostic and therapeutic management as well.

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