Pharmacy & Chemist

Ruai Family Hospital offers Pharmaceutical services to both our inpatient and outpatient clients. Part of our all-inclusive health care team includes pharmacists who provide medications for patients receiving medical care or undergoing procedures and treatments at our facility.

All patients are provided with written information about their prescriptions and are provided with a comprehensive review of their medication therapy.

Our team of experienced pharmacists offer patients an opportunity to receive one-on-one counselling upon pick-up to our clients as part of our dedication to optimizing safe use of medication as well as improving clinical outcomes for the wellbeing of our clients.

If you have any concerns about your drug therapy such as potential drug allergies, dosing or drug-to-drug interactions, our licensed pharmacists will review your medical history and provide you with informed advice.
Our payment services incorporate major health insurance covers for your convenience. Inquire on our accepted covers.

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