Executive Summary

Ruai Family Hospital is a leading health service provider in its service area. Ruai Family Hospital is committed to providing one standard of care to all patients through a range of programs and services committed to quality and aordability. The health sector remains one of those whose demand is yet to be fully satised despite being among the fastest growing sectors in the economy. As a result, Ruai Family Hospital intends to capitalize on the continuous demand for quality health care to provide the best for the clients.


Our Mission

The mission of Ruai Family Hospital is to become the premier provider of advanced quality healthcare. The hospital is dedicated to building long-term relationships with clients through quality training and customer support, and wants to be recognized as the leading healthcare provider in Ruai area. The company’s goal is to grow steadily from the clinic it was at inception to a full-edge state of the art hospital. Ruai Family health values are simple and strives to oer excellent and aordable health care and community-based social services to individuals and families of Ruai area.

It is a very important goal to employ competent, caring, and well-trained individuals who are responsive to the needs of the patients, their families, and the communities served. Each sta member meets the educational and training requirements for the services they provide. The health center encourage and support continued education of each service sta. This is reciprocated through provision to sta with competitive compensation, an inviting work environment, and knowledgeable, trustworthy management and direction.

Program Themes

The center exist to meet consumers of services to those individuals and families in need of health care services.

The main areas of specialization include x-ray services, the facility also o­ers general outpatient consultations, and ultra sound services.



Our Objectives

  • To provide efficient and effective services that are affordable and desirable to patients.
  • To be the major specialist provider for the population of Ruai and beyond.
  • To provide additional corporate services for the local population.
  • To support the Principle of Local Access wherever possible.
  • To provide services which are quick and easy to access and provide an excellent patient experience
  • To deliver services to the highest standards
  • To make available to women and children beds for Obstetrical, Neonatal Care and general patient care